Web2Carz is one of the strangest loans websites that I have ever reviewed and I have reviewed dozens if not hundreds. When I first logged on, I thought I was given a faulty link and that this was not the website I was supposed to review. However, I soon found out that Web2Carz also provides loans and that it is actually one of the best places to get a quick loan that you will use to buy a new or a used car or that you can use to refinance your existing auto loans. But I am getting ahead of myself.

$1,000 1 DAY 10/10 VARYING 8.5/10


As I said, when I first logged on to Web2Carz, I had a feeling that I was at the wrong website. I could see some great articles about cars but not just cars, reviews of the newest models coming out and I also found a huge market for used cars that had more than 2 million cars on sale. I thought that someone made a mistake and that this is just another used cars website. And that is when I saw that you can also borrow money at Web2Carz and that you can get car payday loans that are unique in that they are quick to get and that they do not depend on your credit rating. So, I started digging deeper.

What I found was that Web2Carz allows you to take out fast and easy car loans that look more like payday loans than anything else. Namely, Web2Carz can find you lenders which will lend you the money even if you have bad credit. The only thing you are required to produce is proof that you have a steady job with regular income. Of course, we are not talking about huge loans here, but still, you will be getting some very useful loans from reputable lenders even though you might be coming in with bad credit.

In addition to these loans, Web2Carz also helps you get auto loans refinancing credits that can help anyone who has found themselves in a bind with their existing loans for the cars. It is a surprisingly popular option as I have learned later and it truly helps people all over US find the best refinancing options.



Another thing that really caught my eye is that Canadian residents can also use Web2Carz as there are a number of lenders from Canada also available at Web2Carz. All of these lenders are looking for new clients that will take out quick car payday loans.


In the end, I was surprised that a website that does so much and so many different things knows how to do quick loans as well. I was worried that it might just be a gimmick but as I found out, these people know how to choose the lenders to work with and they know what their visitors might need when buying new or used cars. A great website and a huge surprise.