Saving Money on Back to School Products – I Loans Review

We are in the middle of the summer holiday, a time for kids everywhere to be in the thick of enjoying themselves. At the same time as your children are loving life and not worrying about school, as a parent you’ll know that a return to school is just around the corner and it’s nearly time to start thinking about buying new school uniforms, bags, pens, pencils and other school stationery. If you are living on a budget it is hard to juggle all aspects of your finances to purchase the essential school items once a year in bulk.

There are options in terms of short-term loans and credit, but these would only ever be advised if you work with reputable short-term loan providers and can guarantee that you can pay off the balance before the repayment date agreed. Other than that, we’ve put together a list of helpful hints and tips that could save your family money on back to school products.

Plan Carefully with a Thorough List

Before you start anything else put together a definitive list of exactly what your children will need before heading back to school in September. If you’ve got a list from last year with what you bought then, have it to hand so you can cross reference and make sure that you aren’t forgetting something simple. Making a list also gives you a chance to look through some items that may be in good condition and don’t actually need replacing. Certain folders, rucksacks, pencil cases etc. can be used for a second year or more in some cases.

Stick to a Budget

Once you have put together the list of items that you definitely need to buy, have a serious think about the budget that you have available to you. No matter what you come across whilst out shopping for back to school products, make sure you stick to this budget. At this point you are clear in your mind about what you can stretch to, so don’t be dissuaded from this whilst in the heat of a shopping expedition.

Search for Online Deals

There are always online discounts and promotions to keep your eye on. Think about Amazon Prime Day as an example, it is starting to be viewed as much a big day of sales in July as Black Friday or Cyber Monday and at that time of the year it gives you a real chance to look for discounts on back to school stuff and be one step ahead of your shop.

Be Patient

Although we would advise keeping an eye on online discount, promotions and voucher codes, for physical shopping it really does pay off if you are patient and wait until the end of August, and even into September for certain products. That is when the prices start to drop, once most people have already completed their back to school shopping. For products such as laptops etc. this can provide a significant cost reduction.

If you are buying back to school products for your children, follow some simple tips and advice here to help reduce the cost and ensure you’re not just purchasing new items for the sake of it.

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