My job is reviewing payday loans websites and it is much more than just a job. I have had some really negative experiences and I want other people to avoid them. This is why I am checking out the many payday loans finders out there, trying to find those that are really great. And if I am being totally honest, it is a job that can get a bit boring at times. However, every now and then, I come across a website that puts a huge smile on my face and that renews my faith in payday loans websites. One such site is iCashLoans and I wanted to talk to you about it right here and now.

$1,000 1 DAY 10/10 VARYING 8.8/10


One of the things that I tend to get really tired of when reviewing payday loans websites is the design. They all seem to be done by the same person and it is very rare that I find a website that freshens things up a bit and that makes my day with the design solutions. iCashLoans is such a website and when I first logged on to it, I somehow felt lighter. The design solutions that they have used make browsing the website a pleasant thing to do and I am sure that many people will find that this kind of design also helps find all the features of the website.

When I started digging deeper and concentrating on the things that really matter, I continued being pleasantly surprised. I am aware that iCashLoans is a relatively new website and that is why I was so pleasantly surprised when I discovered that they have gone out of their way to ensure that their clients and visitors are exposed only to the best lenders of payday loans. There are many websites that will send you to all kinds of lenders and then leave it up to you to wade through innumerable offers that are anything but beneficial for you. This is not the case with iCashLoans. They only work with lenders who are reasonable with their interest rates and whose practices are trustworthy and reputable.


I also liked how I was able to compare the various lenders’ offers directly on the website and with great ease. I knew instantly how to narrow down my choices and this is something most inexperienced users will know how to appreciate. To end my reviewing process, I also explored their safety features and I liked what I saw. I saw some really advanced encryption methods and assurances.


iCashLoans might just be the most interesting new website that I have reviewed in quite some time. Its design is unique and it makes you feel somehow positive when you do business with them. They also have a carefully crafted selection of lenders while their interface is intuitive and easy to use. In my opinion, iCashLoans is a complete payday loans website and a great choice for everyone.