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Real estate is a highly lucrative business but also full of surprises, both pleasant and shocking. The real estate buyers and sellers strive and play certain tricks to control the costs, but they may not work every time. As a matter of fact, the real estate prices are influenced by a number of factors.

You can manipulate a few factors to control the cost of a property. However, the factors regulated and controlled by the state can disrupt your efforts. Therefore, you must have explicit details and a clear understanding about the factors affecting property prices.

Here we will share a few of those factors that can help you control the costs when buying and selling properties.

Fees of the Involved Professionals

You may avoid hiring one or two professionals; for instance, as a seller, you can sell a property through FSBO. It saves you the cost of hiring a real estate agent, though it costs you in terms of your time. But there are certain professionals you must hire, i.e., a lawyer, home inspector and property conveyancer.

To save a little cost on such fees, you can patiently search for the firms that charge low fees. For conveyancing, is a firm that can be quite helpful, as it charges very reasonable prices for conveyancing services.


This factor tops this list, whether you are buying or selling. You will expect to pay a higher price for a property at a prime location compared to one in the suburbs.

Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal refers to a property’s outer appearance. A lush green lawn and clean paint on outside will add value, and will draw buyers too. On the other hand, a lawn with barren patches or untrimmed trees and shrubs can scare buyers away. Enhancement in kerb appeal will be an expense for the seller, while the buyer will have to pay a higher price. To save the costs, go DIY and opt for second-hand fixtures in usable condition.

Interiors & Age

The interiors of the property must complement the kerb appeal to attract buyers. Do the home inspection yourself, to an extent, before calling the professional home inceptor.

It goes without saying that a new house will cost a lot more than the one constructed half a century ago.

Estate’s Plans in the Vicinity

If the estate has one or two projects planned in the vicinity, like a subway station, it will affect the property prices positively. So, always keep an eye out for such developments. If your house needs kerb appeal, it won’t matter much in this scenario. It will give you a chance to save your costs on kerb appeal.

Accessibility to Facilities

The buyers want a property with amenities and accessibility to different facilities such as schools, parks, hospitals, shops, subway station, and recreational spots. The quality of these places can also affect the prices.

Transactions in the Vicinity

The recently transacted properties influence the pricing trend in the area. The buyers refer it to save the cost while sellers refer it to increase the cost.

After considering all of these factors, we can conclude that cost control when buying and selling a property depends on the factors that influence the overall price. You can see that some factors are directly under the control of buyers and sellers such as kerb appeal and condition of interiors. On the other hand, the factors controlled at state level and time can play a more decisive role in controlling the costs. Pay special attention to these factors, whether you are a buyer or a seller, and learn how to make a bargain at your desired price.

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