Trust  me, I know how useful payday loans are and I know how great they can be, especially today when the financial situation is not that great and when people are struggling for their livelihood every day. This was one of the reason why I got into reviewing payday loans websites and why it is my wish to help people have the best experiences possible with payday loans websites. One place where you are bound to have a positive experience is 60 Minute Payday, a website that is today on my review schedule.

60 MinutePayday $1,000 1 DAY 10/10 VARYING 9.8/10


There are very few payday loan websites that set themselves apart from the pack at the very first glance and I am happy to say that 60 Minute Payday is exactly this kind of a website. I do not know how did the design of the website for them, but this person deserves a bonus. You will not feel like you are on a payday loans finder websites at all. You will feel as if you are checking out a website of a renowned software manufacturer or an application developer. It is all so sleek and cheerful and yet somehow very professional. I was only worried that the rest of the experience would not be that great.


What I found was that my worries were for nothing. Beneath that great veneer was an even greater payday loans site. 60 Minute Payday turned out to be everything that I look for in a payday loans finder and then some. For example, their user interface benefits greatly from the aforementioned design as all the options and features are very clearly marked and separated, which makes the use of the website as easy as you would not believe it.

They are also very serious about streamlining the experience and making it as efficient as possible. I even timed myself. It took me less than 45 seconds to fill in their form and it took them under a minute to come up with a list of lenders. Thanks to the great interface and the design, it took me less than four minutes to compare the offers right there and then and to visit the website of the lender that they suggested along with some other choices. From there on, it was not on them, but they did their part of the job excellently.


I later examined their security features and I have to say that I am sleeping like a baby knowing all about their encryption methods and various other safety features that they use to guarantee the safety of the transactions and their clients’ personal information.


I have to say that I have seen maybe two or three other payday loans websites that have left the same kind of impression on me as 60 Minute Payday did. From the design to the inner-most workings, it is all done with such care and love at this website that I am sure any person looking for payday loans would enjoy spending time on 60 Minute Payday and using this finder to get the ultimate loans.

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